Armure Wool Fabric

Armure Wool Fabric
ARMURE Wool Fabric
Made in wide widths for use as dresses, coats, etc., good quality yarns, 72-ends, 68 picks per inch. The warp is usually end and end mohair and worsted, two-fold yarns, such as 2 / 60's or 2 / 40's - The weft is single worsted 26's to 32's. Other qualities are made from one kind of warp, but in right and reverse twist, and up to about loo-ends per inch. Cotton weft is used in the cheapest cloths, about 48's yarn dyed black. The photograph shows a typical wool Armure fabric made in a fancy rep weave 84 X 68, 2 / 60's botany / 30's botany. A heavy cloth is also termed "Armure", used for drapery and curtains, woven with brocade figuring on the armure weave ground, and all-wool yarns

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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